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Breaking News: Big Rubber Duck Invades the 757

What the duck? ;-)  Have you seen the 40-foot "Rubber Duck" (a giant inflatable sculpture) that has made his long awaited debut by bobbing in The Hague Inlet as of yet?  If not, you must check him out.  He has already delighted thousands of visitors that have come far & wide (yes, apparently there’s even group of retirees who follow the icon internationally and now here nationally.) 

Norfolk is hosting the enchanting artwork to celebrate the Chrysler Museum of Art’s grand re-opening; after being closed for nearly 2 years due to its expansion and renovation.

The adorable and friendly “celebrity” was designed and created by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman.  Mr. Hofman chooses the venues in which his work will appear. And this is the Rubber Duck's first U.S. exhibit since Pittsburgh last fall when he kicked off the month long Pittsburgh International Festival of Firsts which attracted more than 1 million visitors to Point State Park.  The BIG duck will remain in front of the Chrysler Museum’s entrance, through May 26.  

Mr. Hofman dreamed up the floating installment “Rubber Duck” back in 2001 while working on his graduate art degree. He was commissioned to build it for an exhibition in France, and went big — 85 feet.  While he has scaled back his inflatable art to now 40 feet, THE “Rubber Duck” has waddled the globe while paying a visit to China, England, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and Brazil since 2007.

The Chrysler took a quick survey and estimated that approximately 2,500 pictures were taken of the world’s largest bath toy during just Tuesday's lunch hour alone.   I can’t even imagine how many have been snapped since it floated through our harbor this past Saturday, May...

Moving With Pets

Moving with Pets

This month is National Moving Month. Every May marks the official beginning of the moving season, a four-month period between Memorial Day and Labor Day when millions of families relocate. Due to more than three in five Americans (62%) having a pet and the fact that most families consider their pets to be members of the family, it’s important to take the proper steps that ensure the safety and comfort of your non-human family members during any relocation (big or small).  

 “Moving is very stressful for a family,” say ASPCA President Larry Hawk, D.V.M. “That stress is also experienced by the pets. They want to know that they’re part of the family and that they’ll be going, too.”

Unfortunately due to a variety of circumstances, that isn’t always the case. Moving is actually identified as the most common of 71 reasons for relinquishing dogs and the third most common reason for relinquishing cats to shelters.  However, for many people, leaving their pets behind is simply out of the question.

With proper preparation, you can ensure that your upcoming move will go not only go smoothly for you…but also for your non-human companions.  Being well prepared and doing proactive research is one of the most important things you can do, as a pet owner, prior to a move.  For instance, be sure to keep a photograph of your pet, in the event that your pet gets lost.

Moving to a new home can be stressful on your pets, but there are many things you can do to make the process as painless as possible. The experts at The Pet Realty Network in Naples, Fla., offer these helpful tips for...

Do Gimmicks Work?

Have you read the healines about the 100% Buy Back Guarantee?

I wanted a better understanding of how these program worked…what the "qualifying criteria" actually was.  With all the information normally available on-line, I was surprised that the only program terms I could locate were printed 5 years ago!  I have to ask, Why don't companies publish restrictions openly, especially ones that are as involved as these? In the absence of current disclosure, let take a look at what I did find... (source:
Seller's Application:
1.  Minimum price in program - $75,000; Maximum price in program - $600,000
2.  Listed X company with a present term of at least 180 days, at the full commission rate
3.  Free-standing, single-family dwelling; no co-ops, cluster homes, or condominiums
4.  Guarantee fee paid by buyer
Buyer's Application:
1.  If buyer wants the Money Back Guarantee, the buyer pays 1% of sale price.
2.  Buyer must sign Money Back Guarantee rider and Buyer application at time of presentation of offer
3.  The company must list and sell the property
4.  Free-standing, single-family dwelling; no co-ops, cluster homes, or condominiums
5.  Minimum price - $75,000; Maximum price - $600,000
6.  Buyer must occupy home as residence
If Buyer Elects To Have Home Trade-In Company, Inc. Repurchase The Home:
1.  Buyer must inform Home Trade-In Company, Inc. in writing of election...