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Summer = Moisture in Your Home

Summer = Moisture in Your Home

With the extremely high heat index temps that we have been graced with lately, it is very easy for the humidity levels in your home to also increase.

During summer months the Hampton Road climate can lead to a lot of moisture in your home, which can cause damaging mildew. To control this moisture, you should think about getting a dehumidifier, which helps to remove unwanted humidity.  How your home deals with humidity depends heavily on the design and construction; a building that is more energy-efficient and airtight will have a higher chance of increased humidity problems.  This happens because the tighter your house is, the less air is exchanged. 

When this becomes an issue is when you are trying to cool your house.  The air conditioning can cause your house to cool down to a level where moisture condenses. One way to think of it is what typically happens to a can of soda when you take it out of the refrigerator on a hot summer day…it begins to “sweat.” 

If there’s too much moisture in your home, that moist air gets trapped in corners, basements, laundry rooms and other closed areas. Bedrooms and rooms closer to these areas will have a higher humidity level than ones further away. Often in bathrooms for example moisture tends to gather in the corners, in your bathtub and on tile, creating a mildew that takes some effort to remove. Be careful to not have condensation accumulate in your windows because that dripping water will cause your wood frames to begin to crack and eventually rot.

Humidity that is too high will also stain ceilings and walls, cause paint and wallpaper to peel, and hardwood floors...

What is happening around town?

What is happening around town?

Something is always happening around town in Virginia Beach or just a short drive away.   Go fishing, play a round a golf,  or head to the beach and enjoy the festivals and music throughout the year.   Have some fun and share your experiences with your friends and family.

Qualify for the Boston Marathon at the March Shamrock Sportfest’s annual 26.2 mile challenge, or run for fun in one of the shorter races.  There are a lot of races in the area, so come train with The Hampton Roads Runners.

Every spring, the Virginia Arts Festival welcomes internationally-acclaimed dancers, musicians, actors and other performance artists in one of the premier cultural events in the mid-Atlantic region.

In May, the oceanfront goes Caribbean during the annual PANorama Caribbean Music Fest, featuring steel bands and “pan” virtuosos, followed by a giant beach party at Beach Music Weekend

Redskin fans flock to the beach in May to mingle with players and cheerleaders during the Redskins Beach Blitz, while wine lovers sample vintages from around the world at the Spring International Wine Tasting.  Or, you can just go fly a kite - at the Atlantic Coast Kite Festival.

Remember the Music, Remember the Heroes honors our military heroes during the Memorial Day festival featuring special performances on multiple boardwalk stages.

The pulsating rhythms of salsa and mambo explode from the beach during the ...

TOP GOLF is Coming to the Beach!

TOPGOLF is Coming to the Beach!

Topgolf is coming to the beach!  Virginia Beach will serve as the first Hampton Roads lo­­­cation for Dallas-based Topgolf International Inc. The golf entertainment company plans to open a 65,000-square-foot, 12-acre facility off Greenwich Road between Interstate 264 and Newtown Road.  In addition to the near 30 million investment into the city over the next several years, 450 jobs will be created with 125 being full time positions.

Construction has already begun on the three-level driving range, restaurant/bar and entertainment complex with an anticipated fall 2015 open date.  Design plans include 102 hitting bays, 200+ HDTVs, a rooftop terrace, space for group events, and a game area with billiards, shuffleboard and Xboxes as well as free Wi-Fi throughout. 

 Topgolf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout.  It’s a unique category of entertainment that mixes the energy and excitement of a Dave and Buster’s with the activity component of a traditional bowling alley.

Golfers hit balls at targets on an artificial turf fairway and earn points for accuracy and distance through microchips embedded in the balls. All points appear on the television screen at your bay. The farther the target and the closer you hit to its center, the more points you get (very similar to darts in that regard). Prices will range from $10 to $45 per hour per bay depending on the time of day and each bay can hold up to six people.